Actions for Jira Service Management

Enable customers to edit their service requests on the Customer Portal

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Actions for Jira Service Management

Actions for Jira Service Management

Key capabilities & use cases

  • Provide self-service capabilities for customers to edit their service requests

    Manage and customize requests on the Customer Portal. Control edit permissions and form visibility with precision.

    • Create and manage Request actions
      Customize the Request actions to your preferences. Determine editable fields and request types. Set editing permissions based on specific criteria.
      Read more about Request actions in documentation >>
    • Enable or disable Request actions visibility
      Control the visibility of Request actions on the Customer Portal.
    • Maintain editing compliance
      Control who, when and what exactly can edit Request actions.
  • Provide granular control over request editing

    Configure and set up workflow actions in your preferred workflow. Let users on your Customer Portal update their requests with the latest information.

  • Controlled and transparent request editing

    Track changes of requests with internal comments. Enable agents to track the evolution of issues and identify potential problems.

    • Track changes in real-time
      Stay informed about changes made to requests by your customers. Utilize internal comments to access detailed editing history.
      Read more about internal comments in request actions and workflow actions.
    • Your information stays safe and secure
      Cloud fortified certification. This app prioritizes your security and privacy. It follows the rules of the Atlassian Marketplace Bug Bounty Program.

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