Atlassian Platinum Partner

Deviniti is Atlassian’s largest partner in Central Europe. Our team is a Double Platinum Partner status holder. It confirms that we are a team of globally recognized and trustworthy Atlassian tools experts.

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Our Atlassian Partner expertise

Certified Atlassian experts on board
million USD yearly volume of processed Atlassian licenses
years of experience as an Atlassian Solution Partner
total Marketplace app installs utilized by 11+ millions of end users

Consulting & Audit

Expert guidance and workshops to optimize Atlassian solutions.
Effective tool setups tailored to specific needs.

Business workshops and audits

We offer solutions based on business workshops and audits. Only then can we conduct implementations. They cover pre-migration assessments and process consulting.

In the next step, our experts focus on your team’s skills training.

Training sessions for administrators

We craft workshops for admins. They get familiar with best practices in configuring Atlassian software.

We aim to increase your awareness and knowledge of tools for their effective use.

Specific process consulting

Our workshops have three parts. We start with how and in what range requests are handled in the organizational structure.

Your team learns about details related to the customer portal and service catalog. Then, we delve into the customer notifications process.

In the next part, topics include Service Request Management specifics and SLAs. After that, the focus is on reporting essentials.

Pre-migration instance audit

Before software migration, we audit your current instance.

The assessment covers its readiness for the transition. Especially when moving to the Cloud. That involves data compatibility and the evaluation of application dependencies. We also focus on security.

The next are partial estimations and assumptions. Also, pre-requirements are necessary before the project starts.

The last thing is the proposed start date.

Implementation recommendations after each process

You get a concise summary document. It includes a list of requirements and a clear vision of the proposed solution.

We provide an implementation plan and the project timeline. The paper also contains necessary licenses.

If you’ve chosen a server-based solution, we underline infrastructure recommendations. A quote for the project’s licenses and Deviniti services is also attached.

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Clients confirming the quality of our work

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Atlassian license management

Seamless license management with optimizing costs.
Timely renewal reminders for uninterrupted operations.

Complete licensing takeover

We order licenses from Atlassian according to your specifications. Our team makes sure they do not expire, causing downtimes.

Validity monitoring and renewal reminders

We check the validity of all Atlassian licenses to avoid downtime. You receive timely reminders of renewals 30 days in advance.

We optimize the process for continued smooth operations.

Contact with Atlassian and app vendors on your behalf

Deviniti is your one-stop shop with Atlassian and app vendors. We handle matters related to licenses and technical support.

Optimization of costs and the license purchase process

It starts with a deep analysis. The document helps to increase the license’s cost efficiency. We identify savings and make buying simple.

Our expert suggests upgrading or downgrading the license scope or plan to Cloud.

In the context of the co-terming process, we handle all formalities. It involves contracts, deferred payments, and others

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Platinum and Enterprise Solution Partner title:
certifies the quality provided by our solutions and services
confirms our experience in implementing enterprise-grade solutions.
allows us to offer attractive license terms
Platinum Marketplace Partner badge proves that:
we create recognized solutions that extend the capabilities of Jira and other Atlassian tools
11+ million end users work with our apps in 103 countries
our applications receive the Staff Pick badge by Atlassian
4.8/5 rating on support quality from 430 user reviews

Atlassian tools implementation

Streamlined Atlassian tools setups.
Workshops and data migration to improve efficiency.

Gathering requirements and analytical workshops

Our team initiates the process with detailed workshops. We explore your current problems and needs. It’s crucial to analyze organizational structure and system details related to your processes.

The next step is to visualize all organizational roles involved in your ventures. We get to know your current and target shape of the processes.

The last thing is the structure of authority and your organization’s details.

Configuration of existing tools or implementation from scratch

In the next step, we adjust your tools setup according to the requirements list.

We implement new tools to model underlying processes. It allows the teams to collaborate on an integrated platform.

Transfer from other tools to Atlassian

During implementation, we may move your data and processes to the Atlassian platform.

We analyze your setup and create a migration plan. Then, our experts guide you through the transition with minimal disruption.

Enhancing system capabilities with Marketplace apps or custom features

We improve your system by adding in Marketplace apps. Our experts choose and mix them based on your requirements and their experience.

We also write custom apps from scratch to fit your use case best.

Integration with non-Atlassian tools

We match the best option if your team needs other tools to integrate with Atlassian. It may be applications from the Marketplace, a particular API, or a custom solution.

Our aid includes:

  • data transfer protocols
  • version compatibility checks
  • custom scripts for cross-tool communication
  • testing methods for data integrity and system stability during and after migration.
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What our clients say

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Thanks to the tool Deviniti implemented, the client had access to a general view of all of their projects, which facilitated their work. The team is trustworthy and professional. They worked in a timely manner to make sure expectations were met. Future clients will benefit from working with them.
Michał Domachowski
Solution Train Engineer, Currenda

IT Service Management (ITSM)

ITSM in Jira optimization aligned workflows and ITIL standards.
CMDB integrations with connected knowledge bases for efficient service delivery.

Process systematization and framework selection

We customize Jira workflows to match ITIL processes for swift operations.

Our teams start the process together by making a list of IT work processes. It contains repetitive helpdesk requests and others. The focus is also on their systematization.

Validity monitoring and renewal reminders

Together, we create an IT service catalog based on the process specification. It contains repeatable services that can be implemented in a process-based manner.

There is also a list of resources that are needed for implementation.

In the next step, we create a customer portal, and, among others, we model support processes.

Customer portal implementation for standard inquiries

Our team sets up customer portals and service projects for common requests. We use JSM with Marketplace apps to customize forms and workflows. It’s done according to the process specification.

CMDB and asset management integrated with support requests

Deviniti connects your CMDB and asset management with the customer portal. That links the information about your systems and assets to support requests.
In turn, it’s easy to track and manage them effectively.

Knowledge base implementation integrated with customer portal (self-service)

We help you connect your knowledge base to the customer portals.

The integration with Confluence and Jira links articles to service requests. This way, the system suggests the right ones according to the type of report.

Jira SLA and performance metrics implementation with real-time reporting

We configure your SLA scheme in the tool. If needed, we help determine the necessary metrics at the consulting stage.

A fine example is performance metrics for timely incident resolution. Leveraging JSM, we configure rules. The goal is to provide insights through Jira dashboards.

ITIL processes setup

We align Jira workflows with ITIL best practices to meet ITSM standards.

The goal is to make your service requests follow the precise guidelines. In turn, customer satisfaction increases.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM)

We can go beyond IT and introduce helpdesk for non-technical teams. We’ve done so with HR, procurement, and language translation processes.

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Project Management Office (PMO)

PMO workflows in Jira enhancements. Streamlined project setup.
Real-time insights through KPI tracking.

Work types and obligations systematization

Our experts classify work types and obligations. In the first step, we want to understand how your teams work and are accountable for their work.

Based on that, we prepare the setup you require. It may include, for example, projects related to company-wide initiatives or strategic goals.

We determine all the necessary information together, usually during workshops. It includes workflows and field setups. Fitting issue types for diverse tasks makes their tracking precise.

Project and task portfolio management implementation

Our team translates your workflows into Jira configurations and apps at this stage.

For PMO/PPM projects, we most often use Structure or BigPicture plugins.

Implementing requirements and test management in Jira

We enable the transfer of requirements and tests from other tools to the Atlassian solution. This way, the entire software team works on one platform.

Our team provides Jira configurations for better requirements and test case-control. We set up custom fields and filters with an app.
It enables end-to-end traceability of requirements and user stories. That includes integrating Jira with test automation tools.

Configuring strategic and operational planning views

In this step, we build a design level with a task structure. It consists of sprint planning (also in Structure) with a Gantt timeline and work views. The management staff may also have a strategic view at their disposal.

Implementing time tracking in Jira

Treating time tracking as a vital option, we may configure it in Jira with the Tempo app. Our experts integrate it with worklogs. They use custom fields for detailed time entries.

Our automation guarantees keeping projects on track. The solution allows you to estimate working time and create time/cost reports.

Additionally, there is the possibility of integration with the project portfolio.

Establishing efficiency KPIs and configuring Jira dashboards

If necessary, we provide advice on measuring key efficiency KPIs. It’s based on project requirements. Our specialist configures live reports in Jira to showcase metrics for analysis. We aim to enable real-time KPI updates ready for discussion.

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Atlassian software migration

Streamlined software migrations, providing seamless transitions
for companies moving to Atlassian solutions.

Cloud readiness assessment

Deviniti helps companies prepare for the Cloud migration by assessing their systems.

We estimate the work and assume remote collaboration during business hours.

Our team delivers documentation after 14 days.

The assessment focuses on the application, not the infrastructure.

The process usually requires:

  • VPN access
  • admin account in Jira with root server access.

The project starts on an agreed-upon date. We guide necessary licenses.

Migration strategy and plan

We craft a migration strategy and plan by thoroughly examining your infrastructure. We assess solid and weak points and check readiness for potential changes.

The next step is the main application’s details, including:

  • instances
  • versions
  • configurations
  • hosting options
  • active user numbers.

We prioritize integrations between applications and third-party plugins for a smooth transition. We inspect security policies for compliance. Then, goes the analysis of all performance metrics for scalability plans.

Our strategy includes a comprehensive financial and technical analysis. We prepare a thorough risk assessment compared to the current status quo.

Instance preparation

The preparation for smooth migration to a Cloud instance usually depends on a few steps:

  • The backup stage. It covers both production and Jira Cloud instances (XML).
  • We install the required plugins and then clean the platform.
  • Data integrity validation follows

Our experts also utilize the Jira Cloud Migration Assistant and conduct group reviews. We validate user logins to guarantee a bug-free and accurate migration process.

Changing hosting to Data Center

Before migration, we ensure you have the necessary licenses and apps compatible with the Data Center. Then, it’s time to assume the details of the migration process.

Next, we check whether adjusting your solutions to the new instance is possible. That also includes a shared network (e.g., NFS).

An administrative access to all audited instances is also vital. At the end, we provide a start date.

Changing hosting to Cloud

The migration begins with an audit of your toolset. We assess your requirements and Atlassian tools. The decision of Cloud migration follows.

The second step is test migration. We plan to test migration altogether. Performing tests serves to prepare actual production migration.

We gather all data from the process and create a runbook with all possible “what if” scenarios.

Finally, we provide our clients with post-live support and management services.

Post-migration support

After completing the migration, we conduct training for users and administrators.

Ongoing servicing of new instances is carried out every 2 weeks.

During that time, we prepare a migration report for Atlassian.

Consolidation / separation of Atlassian instances

If you seek to combine or separate Atlassian instances, we will help you in planning. It involves the analysis of setups, customizations and data dependencies to ensure transition with the system intact.

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Case studies

How we help our clients?

Learn how we adapted 29 custom Jira apps to the Data Center hosting with zero downtime.

  • Case study image

    Secured data migration

    Crédit Agricole – an international bank, has been operating on the Polish market for 30 years.

    It is one of the most recommended banks in our country. It operates in areas such as retail banking, corporate banking, and agriculture. Moreover, it serves small and medium-sized enterprises and handles consumer finance.

    Credit Agricole Bank Polska is a part of the Crédit Agricole Group which is among the top 10 largest banks in the world in terms of asset value. The Crédit Agricole Group operates in 47 countries worldwide and serves over 53 million customers.

Maintenance and Support

Comprehensive maintenance and support services, including version upgrades and instance cleanups.

On-demand expert involvement for efficient Atlassian tool operation.

Version upgrades

We perform version upgrades for Atlassian software. The process begins with upgrades and scripts calculations. The following steps include assumptions for both. Then we move to pre-requirements you should meet. Next we provide start dates and licenses.

Atlassian instance cleanup

Deviniti runs through performance audits with diagnostic tools and analysis. The goal is to find and resolve all system bottlenecks.

Handling support requests for Atlassian tools

Our team resolves service desk requests with precision. That involves delving into your current configuration. We diagnose and fix bugs to maintain a stable Atlassian environment.

On-demand expert involvement

You can order a pool of hours for T&M expert support. It can cover flexible needs from consulting to configuration. We also provide training and custom development for specific needs. It helps to boost your Atlassian toolset.

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