Protect your business by implementing a whistleblower tool

Bet on secure communication of your organization with whistleblowers. Efficient handling of requests, notification system, and easy access to statistics. WhistBoard allows you to detect irregularities and react to them early enough. The tool is available in several languages: pl/en/de/ru/ua.

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Benefits visible in the blink of an eye

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Submitting an anonymous report in the WhistBoard tool does not require the whistleblower to register on the site or leave any personal data.

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Full process management

Manage notifications, keep a register of proceedings and communication with the whistleblower, take appropriate actions or appoint responsible people and significantly reduce the response time to the notification.

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Speed of implementation

Operate in the cloud. Access to WhistBoard is via a browser. This means that the deployment does not require the involvement of the internal IT department of the organization.


Features that take work to the next level

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A convenient dashboard with statistics summarizing activity in the application.

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The ability to create application forms according to the requirements and needs of the organization.

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Communication Panel

The tool is equipped with a panel that enables two-way communication with the whistleblower.

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Modes of Reporting Irregularities

The ability to add a report of irregularities in three modes: anonymous, confidential, and public.

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A feature that allows filtering of reports by category, reporting streams, date, and operator.

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Notification System

Thanks to the notification system, you won’t miss any step in the process.

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IT and law for a common purpose

About the creators of the WhistBoard system

WhistBoard is the result of the work of two organizations:

Deviniti – we are responsible for the programming part of the project, project management, concept, and development of the tool.

Olesiński i Wspólnicy – a consulting company that provided the project with legal knowledge and many years of experience in supporting organizations in ensuring compliance with the law.


Companies that have chosen WhistBoard

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The entire process of implementing the WhistBoard system, ongoing service, and consultations was quick and efficient. The system meets all the requirements of the Whistleblower Protection Directive. It ensures the highest quality and safety. We recommend the WhistBoard system as a modern tool for handling irregularities reports and Deviniti Sp. z o.o. as a professional and reliable business partner.

Michał Westerlich
Head of Legal & Compliance

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Deviniti as a software developer is ISO 27001 certified and the whistleblower form meets WCAG 2.1 standards.

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