Atlassian (Jira) consulting

Ensure that your Atlassian tools meet your business and technical needs. Get precise and cost-effective licensing. Evaluate your hosting and migration readiness. Learn about tool configurations matching your company processes.

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years of working as an Atlassian Solution Partner
customers in the Atlassian area from 50 countries
Atlassian consulting workshops or audits delivered to our customers
Atlassian-certified specialists on the team

Atlassian license consulting

Optimal license selection, cost-effective pricing, and tailored Marketplace app recommendations.

Efficient license support

Get expert assistance for new Atlassian purchases, including advice on user numbers and gradual expansion plans.

For renewals, we provide support, reminding you of expiration dates, while upgrades and downgrades are made transparent and tailored to your requirements.

Additionally, our team ensures co-terming, and synchronizing renewal dates for convenience in billing.

Atlassian Partner discounts and cost-efficiency

Benefit from customized pricing models tailored to your hosting and resource needs for Cloud or Data Center instances.

As a Platinum Atlassian Partner, we offer exclusive discounts that you won’t find directly from Atlassian.

Save costs on dual licensing during migration by allowing operation on both old and new instances.

Additionally, we assist in matching instances to budget and needs.

We optimize resources and settings based on actual usage.

Atlassian tool procurement aid

Get expert assistance for new purchases, renewals, upgrades, downgrades, or co-terming.

Enjoy exclusive discounts from a Platinum Atlassian Partner, dual licensing during migrations, and tailored pricing models based on hosting and resource usage.

Simplify financial management with a single invoice, and pay in your preferred currency.

Choose from various payment methods, and ensure license synchronicity with co-terming assistance.

Notifications about licenses and deadlines

Stay informed with timely notifications on Atlassian product changes and payments.

Receive updates on pricing and payment method changes.

Monitor license validity with renewal details 30 days in advance to prevent tool access blocks.

Get redesigned licensing offers based on user count predictions.

Adjust the licensing terms to your organization’s goals for optimized expenses and resource allocation.

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Clients confirming the quality of our work

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Jira migration audit

Optimal hosting selection, migration readiness assessment, and instance cleanup suggestions.

Choosing the right hosting

We will investigate your needs such as scalability, customization, security, and alignment with standards.

Then, if necessary, we will help you decide between Jira Cloud and Data Center.

Cloud/DC readiness assessment

We will gather your business and technical requirements and analyze them.

Afterward, our team will assess the existing Jira instance.

This is to identify features, data items, and configurations that can be transferred without complications.

Depending on the target instance, we will consider similar functionalities or workarounds to keep your Jira fully functional.

Instance cleanup before migration

You will get specific suggestions on cleaning up apps, scripts, or configurations causing damage to your tools.

You will also learn how to remove obsolete projects, workflows, or inactive users and groups.

This process will make the migration faster and error-free.

What is more, your new Jira instance will become simplified, stable, and secure.

Migration roadmap recommendations

We will determine the current state of your Jira and recommend a migration strategy.

This can include upgrading your Jira beforehand (re-platforming) or changing the structure in the process (refactoring).

We can also plan the migration in a way to avoid any downtime.

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Platinum & Enterprise Solution Partner title:
Certifies the quality provided by our solutions and services.
Confirms our experience in implementing enterprise-grade solutions.
Allows us to offer attractive license terms.

Atlassian tools configuration

Tailored configuration suggestions with Marketplace apps, automation scripts, or custom solutions when needed.

Identifying business and technical needs

We will collect and examine your requirements, workflows, processes, and documentation to learn about your needs.

Then we will suggest getting the most suitable configuration options to fulfill them.

Extending Atlassian tool functionality

You will receive ideas on fulfilling your business needs by extending Jira capabilities.

This might include adjusting the configuration of your current Marketplace Apps, adding new applications, or building a custom solution.

You will discover how to create it, and what features it should provide to support your workflows.

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Technical Atlassian support

Administration and configuration audits to ensure performance, security, and adherence to best practices.

Configuration audit

We will analyze your project templates, automation rules, issue types, workflows, and schemes.

This way, we will make sure that your new configuration aligns with your business and technical needs.

We will also make sure your Jira instance remains efficient.

Administration audit

Deviniti will examine the performance of your instance and the scale or quantity of various elements such as users, apps, custom fields, and projects.

We will also check your Jira regarding its security in cases like permissions, project roles, or user authentication.

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What our clients say

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Thanks to the tool Deviniti implemented, the client had access to a general view of all of their projects, which facilitated their work. The team is trustworthy and professional. They worked in a timely manner to make sure expectations were met. Future clients will benefit from working with them.

Michał Domachowski
Solution Train Engineer

What else can you get after your Atlassian Consulting services?

Take advantage of other services that can further expand the functionality of your Atlassian tools.

Atlassian software migration

We can execute your Jira migration to the chosen hosting.

We will help you move your data and configurations with zero downtime.

You will also receive workaround options for incompatible apps and custom features.

Atlassian tools implementation

We will gladly implement our consulting recommendations right away.

Get a ready-to-use configured instance and a post-implementation support package.

Atlassian license management

We will simplify the buying process and get you the best deal.

We will also inform you when you need to renew or upgrade.

You won’t have to worry about expiration or insufficient user count anymore.

Atlassian training

If you are looking to train your Jira Admins, this is the best place to start.

After our sessions, you will get professional administrators ready to work immediately.

Custom Atlassian app development

Lacking a specific functionality that would improve your workflow?

We will create a custom app supporting your technical and business needs.

Maintenance and support

You will receive comprehensive support services, including software repair, administrative tasks, monitoring, consulting, and development tasks.

We can offer efficient communication and assign a long-term PM for complex changes.

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Why choose Deviniti as your Atlassian Consultant?

Discover the benefits of our certified experts and increased communication.

Years of experience

17 years of experience as an Atlassian Solution Partner.

Expert team

Over 50 technical experts with at least two Atlassian Certified Professional (ACP) certificates.

Customer tenure

30% of our customers have been working with us for over 5 years.

IT expertise

We specialize in supporting software companies and enterprise IT departments.

Efficient communication

Deviniti can guarantee seamless communication with the project team regardless of your time zone.

Work updates

Regular meetings and updates on your selected communication platform are our standard.

Fast response

We respond within 24 hours on working days.

Timely realization

We take on complex projects within 5 working days upon setting the scope.

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Reliable solutions and experience guaranteed

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We will reply in 24 hours with detailed information. Our expert will invite you for a meeting (or e-mail you) to determine the exact scope of your needs.

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