Requirements and Test Management for Jira

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Requirements and Test Management for Jira

Reviews from the Atlassian Marketplace

Lightweight and fairly easy to use. Provides a good framework for testing in Jira without too much overhead or a pre-defined strict workflow that needs to be learned and followed. We’ve reported one defect and one improvement suggestion to the developer and both were addressed and implemented in a short amount of time, which raises my score from a three to a four :).
Claudio Gandra
The best application for managing requirements and tests on the Jira market. World-class design, usability and support’s responsiveness compared to other similar products. Keep it up, can’t wait for updates
Jan Przysucha

Requirements and Test Management for Jira

Key capabilities & use cases

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  • How to manage software requirements in Jira?

    Even though Jira doesn’t come with a built-in tool for managing requirements, you can still manage them easily with Requirements and Test Management for Jira plugin. This app allows teams to create, track, and organize requirements right within Jira, making sure they match with the development and testing tasks. By linking requirements to different parts of the project, it helps keep everything connected, making it easier to follow changes and updates. This also improves teamwork and provides a central place for everyone involved to stay on the same page.

  • Can I use Jira for test case management?

    Yes, you can successfully manage test cases in Jira if you add an app like Requirements and Test Management for Jira. It improves Jira’s abilities to make, arrange, and run test cases. They also help link test cases to requirements and provide reports on the test results.

  • Can we write test cases in Jira?

    Yes, with the Requirements and Test Management for Jira app (RTM), you can write and handle test cases inside Jira. Just go to the Test Cases section in the app to create and define your test cases. Once you’ve made them, you can use them multiple times. You can also manage their steps and connect them to requirements and other testing objects. 

  • How to link test cases to requirements in Jira?

    After you’ve installed the Requirements and Test Management for Jira app, the simplest way to connect test cases to requirements is during their creation. Follow these steps: go to Project > Test Management > Test Cases and click on the + icon. While making the test case, you can include or generate new requirements in the Requirements tab.

  • How to clone multiple test cases in Jira?

    In RTM app, find the Test Cases section, go to the folder with the test cases you want to clone, and checkmark all the ones you need. After that, go to the right menu, click on Clone, and confirm your action.

  • How to generate test execution reports in Jira?

    Even though Jira Software doesn’t provide users with test execution reports, you can create one easily with our app. Just go to Apps, click on Test Management, select the Test Execution report, fill in the necessary details, and click Generate.

  • How to execute test cases in Jira?

    To do this, you usually use plugins like Requirements and Test Management for Jira (RTM). In RTM, go to Project > Test Management > Test Executions, select the desired test execution from the list, click on the TC Summary, and follow the steps. It’s a quick and straightforward process.

  • How to create a test plan in Jira?

    With RTM, making a test plan is simple. First, write test cases to cover the requirements. Then, go to Project > Test Management > Test Plans and click on the + icon. Fill in the details in the Details section, including the Summary and other relevant fields. Next, go to Test Cases, click Add Test Case, select the relevant ones, click Add, and finally, click Create. Your newly created test plan is now ready!

  • How to report test results in Jira?

    After adding the RTM app to your Jira, you can use Test Case Executions and the Test Execution report, found in the Apps section after clicking on Test Management and then Reports. Just fill in the required information to generate either report. You can export both reports as CSV and PDF files and send them to the Test Dashboard within RTM. 

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