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OK Google, how will future voice assistants aid my work?

Voice assistants are changing how we manage our work and home tasks – we can perform them quickly and easily thanks to voice technology. These d...

Recently, there have been phishing attempts coming from WhatsApp or suspicious domains/brands posing as Deviniti.

Don’t open such messages – it’s a scam! We never contact anyone via WhatsApp. To receive our message, you should be our customer or fill out our website form with GDPR consent checked first. Then you will get an email from our official domain deviniti.com.


  1. don’t click on suspicious links
  2. don’t fill out registration forms
  3. don’t send out your data
  4. report any conversations you had inside the messaging apps used to contact you (f.ex. WhatsApp).

If you follow the link, you could arrive on a site or form asking for your personal information that may be used to steal your money.

If you are unsure whether a notification came from us, please contact us via report@deviniti.com. We have already reported the case to the prosecutor’s office.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation to stop fraudsters from posing as our company.

Deviniti Team