Improved collaboration with multiple Service Desks

Feratel is a company focused on three main areas: telecommunication (streaming live weather pictures), information & reservation systems (web administration for hotels), and media (for example safety systems for ski resorts).

There are around 180 members working in the company. It has offices in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Bulgaria. Each area is managed by a separate team. All of them use different solutions from Atlassian, merged in one Cloud instance.

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Issues distributed over numerous Service Desks

The company’s Support team counts 50 people and is divided into 5 different countries. It was difficult for the agents to manage all issues scattered across the organization and make sure everyone is up-to-date. 

Feratel uses 11 Service Desks on a daily basis to keep in touch with their customers. They have separate Service Desks for each country as well as different Service Desk for every product. What’s more, the Support team is coordinated on two levels. The first level is general support and the second level steps in if the agents from the first level are not capable of resolving issues. The second level support employees also work in the projects and areas. For instance, they can be responsible for licensing, statistics, training or installations as well. It is really important for the second-level support team to quickly view a queue and check what type of issues they can assign themselves. They needed a solution that will help them to be fast, effective, and provide them with a quick view of issues gathered in one place. At this point, native Jira solution wasn’t enough.

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Queues for Jira Service Management

The Queues app makes it possible to manage issues from multiple projects on a single screen. It’s an extension designed for teams working with many Customer Portals.

Queues for Jira Service Management connect not only Support agents but also Dev and Ops on a single screen. The tool allows all teams to have insight into each other’s work. Thanks to this, communication in a company gets much easier. Queues app also lets your team manage multiple Service Desks on a single view. With the extension, they can collect issues from Jira Core, Jira Software, and Jira Service Management. 

How does it work?

How does Queues for Jira Service Management app work?

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    Queues for Jira Service Management

    Multiple projects in the same queue

    Queues is dedicated to being used by multiple interdisciplinary teams. The app provides a single view, accessible globally and from each specific project. Besides managing Service Desks, the clients can use Queues as a complementary solution to Scrum or Kanban boards or even as an advanced view to manage JQL filters.


Visibility of queues for different Service Desks in a single place

Feratel chose Queues because they needed to reduce the overall number of queues scattered across Jira and improve the performance of their Service Desk agents.

The most important requirement of a Feratel team was the visibility of queues for different Service Desks in one place. The company’s employees need to work on multiple queues simultaneously and now it’s easier for them to prioritize their tasks. Thanks to the Queues app, they are also able to create dedicated groups and add members there. Then, the team members can restrict the queue’s visibility only to a particular group of users.

This functionality simplifies the onboarding of newcomers. When a new employee comes to Feratel, the team just chooses a proper group for him/her. From now on, a new agent sees the relevant queue. If there’s a need to extend someone’s area of interest, all the team has to do is simply add an agent to a particular group of users. This way, people only see what’s significant to them, without confusing, unnecessary information.


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I am absolutely satisfied with the Deviniti Queues app. It organizes our work. It’s intuitive. Once the app is running, it’s easy to maintain.
Mag. Anna Momkova
Project Management & Development

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