Atlassian Team 2022 – the most important news you need to know

We came back from the event almost 3 weeks ago, but the conclusions and memories from the Atlassian Team 2022 will stay with us yet for a long time. This year’s Atlassian flagship conference took place in Las Vegas on April 5-7. We attended the event in a team of six and proudly represented Deviniti as one of the sponsors. The meeting was extremely inspiring, and we are truly grateful for each conversation with other Atlassian partners, users, and enthusiasts. If you are interested in Atlassian’s plans for the near future and the company’s announcements, read our short summary and stay up to date!

Atlassian Team 2022 by the numbers

Last year was really successful for Atlassian. More than 10k customers per quarter joined the large group of Atlassian products users, giving the enterprise 227k clients in total. The subscription revenue increased by 58% YoY. There’s also great news for the partners: 70% of customers work with Atlassian partners. This means that our support is considered valuable, many businesses benefit from our services, and as providers, we still have a huge range of possibilities. As for the budget, the lifetime Marketplace sales exceeded $2B this year! The numbers presented by Atlassian without a doubt impressed us and motivated our team to continue giving our best.

Specialized Partner Services

In order to provide its customers with the best results, Atlassian introduced a new program for partners. By continuously delivering the best quality services, Atlassian partners can become specialized in three areas: Cloud, Agile at Scale, and now also in ITSM. Cloud partners specialize in migrations from one hosting to another and support the implementation of the best Cloud solutions. Agile at Scale partners are those with certified experience in enterprise methodology and change management. From this moment, whilst working with ITSM-specialized partners, enterprise-level clients can be sure of getting the best level of service from IT and service delivery processes experts. 

App editions are coming to the Marketplace

It’s not a secret that Atlassian is becoming more and more Cloud-focused each year. In Q3 of 2023, Marketplace Vendors will be able to offer editions of their Cloud appsThere will be 3 editions: Free, Standard, and Advanced. The first one will give the possibility to select features to try out from the other two. Atlassian explains that Cloud editions are created to help gather new clients with the Free versions, maintain a strong base of budget-conscious paid customers with Standard, and fully monetize customers with more complex needs and specific requirements with the Advanced option. The Australian company points out that they introduce free trials to support small companies and help them grow with Atlassian products. It’s a kind of investment that they hope will pay off in the future when these companies develop. 

As being Cloud Fortified is a decisive factor for many Atlassian customers, the Standard app must be Cloud Fortified so that it can level up to the Advanced edition.

Brand new Atlassian products:  Atlas, Compass, Atlassian Analytics and Data Lake, Jira Product Discovery


Atlas aims to simplify tracking progress and activities across the whole toolchain, including Google, Slack, Jira, and Basecamp. The software connects teams, departments, and entire companies, even across different environments. Atlas supports keeping up with all changes and minimizes the necessity of additional questions and meetings which is extremely helpful, especially in times of remote work. Thanks to the product, teams can sync their work, connect outcomes to requirements, and put it all together with a smart linking feature. 


Compass is a new developer portal that provides a unified real-time representation of the engineering output in one place. This collection of all organization software components comes from the Point A program and is built of three things: components, scorecards, and apps. Compass enables developers to share and access documentation and other significant data. The software is compatible with Forge, Atlassian’s cloud app development platform which supports creating secure, reliable, and scalable applications. 

Atlassian Analytics and Data Lake

The Analytics Hub delivers cross-product and cross-instance data for easy analysis with pre-modeled and enriched fields to improve the process of insight generation. It’s available as an early access program for all Cloud customers. The most important features of Atlassian Analytics and Atlassian Data Lake are custom reports and ready-to-use dashboards that speed up decision-making. The simple no-code interface simplifies sharing data with other stakeholders who work on a given project. The software also combines data from Atlassian products to bring your whole data chain together. 

Atlassian Team 2022 new product Data Lake diagram
The Atlassian Data Lake diagram. Source:

Jira Product Discovery

The fourth new Atlassian product is Jira Product Discovery. For now, it’s in the beta phase, but users can already sign up to the waitlist and try out the features themselves. You can find the product demo here. Jira Product Discovery focuses on supporting collaboration inside and across teams. Thanks to the software, the team members are able to easily add feedback, comments, and data to Jira tasks. The expanded roadmap view allows for prioritizing the most important elements and organizing work on a higher level. The list of ideas with a discussion space and the possibility of voting engages coworkers and helps them stay current with all news. The new solution lets you keep product plans in sync in each iteration. 

Trust in Cloud and the question of Data Center

Atlassian strongly encourages businesses to migrate to Cloud by constantly highlighting its benefits. This year, we also heard a lot about the possibilities of co-working from different locations, enhanced security, and innovations that keep up with market changes, just to name a few. The announcement of discontinued support for Server hosting as of February 2, 2024, just confirms the Cloud-focused approach of the enterprise. Although we have a clear situation with Server, questions about Data Center appear. Some Atlassian Team 2022 attendants noticed that DC wasn’t mentioned at all during the conference. Rodney N., also known as The Jira Guy, published an interesting comment on his blog regarding this topic, which was responded to by Atlassian’s Gosia Kowalska in the article on Community. Nevertheless, it’s still difficult to tell what are the plans for Data Center support and development, but the admins advise you to be prepared.  

Blended Perspectives marketplace report and the current market share

Blended Perspectives shared an insightful marketplace report showing us the direction of app development. The graph presents areas that noted the most significant growth and are presumed to increase even more in the following years. The right side of the image displays the promising fields, such as testing, requirements management, planning, reporting, integration, etc.: 

Blended Perspectives marketplace report from Atlasian Team 2022
The marketplace report by Blended Perspectives. Source: Atlassian Community

Blended Perspectives also showed the actual market share, and it was quite a surprise. It turned out that the top 10 vendors (including Deviniti!) have almost as many installs as the rest of Atlassian Marketplace combined, with over 500k instances bought.

Blended Perspectives paid app market share report from Atlasian Team 2022
The paid app market share. Source: Blended Perspectives Twitter

As for the future work, the speakers suggested some questions to think about whilst creating new products: 

  • What will you be the best at?
  • How are you going to scale?
  • How can you become more strategic?

These are all the things we are constantly working on, so we’re going to continue doing our best.

Atlassian Team 2022 summary

Atlassian Team 2022 was a little less crowded than usual because of the pandemic still looming over us. Nevertheless, the friendly vibe of the event was as inspiring as always. All participants and their positive attitude make this conference unforgettable every year. In our opinion, this year’s meeting was a great networking space that enabled us to enhance the collaboration between partners and vendors. There’s no better time and place to get to know people even from the biggest companies such as Apple or SpaceX that might be impossible to reach online. We also appreciate the possibility of getting first-hand information about Atlassian’s new products and plans. We could ask Atlassian developers and product managers all our questions directly and dispel our doubts. The event allowed us to take a sneak peek at our competition too! For these reasons, we came back motivated to develop our services and products as best as we can.

However, what’s most important, we consider the event in Las Vegas a great time spent together as a team. In the movie below, you can check out how much fun we had – maybe we will meet on the spot next year.

If you would like to learn more about Atlassian software, contact us! As an Atlassian Platinum Marketplace Partner Enterprise and a Platinum Solution Partner, we are doing our best to improve Jira Software and Service Management experience by adding useful features for thousands of teams around the world. If you need support for your project, we will be more than happy to help.

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