Secure data migration

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users successfully migrated for licensing purposes
custom client plugins adapted to the Data Center version
minutes downtime during system maintenance

About the client

Universal bank

cresit agricole

Crédit Agricole – an international bank, has been operating on the Polish market for 30 years.

It is one of the most recommended banks in our country. It operates in areas such as retail banking, corporate banking, and agriculture. Moreover, it serves small and medium-sized enterprises and handles consumer finance.

Credit Agricole Bank Polska is a part of the Crédit Agricole Group which is among the top 10 largest banks in the world in terms of asset value. The Crédit Agricole Group operates in 47 countries worldwide and serves over 53 million customers.


Uninterrupted bank operations

Due to Atlassian ending support for Server-based products, Credit Agricole decided to migrate Jira and Confluence to the Data Center instance (DC).

The bank utilizes Jira and Confluence for managing internal projects on the Polish market. They have been using Jira for over 10 years, with the initial purchase made in 2011, beginning with a “Starter” license for 10 users. Since 2014, Credit Agricole has been using a Jira license for 2000 users. From a licensing perspective, the migration to Data Center encompassed both Jira and Confluence (each tool with over 2000 accounts), thus posing a logistical challenge.

Furthermore, thanks to the migration to the Data Center model, Credit Agricole has also gained access to the latest updates related to application security and functionality. As a result, the bank can provide its customers with the highest level of security and modern solutions, which is a significant advantage in the rapidly changing financial environment.

The key objective was to ensure that the migration does not disrupt the bank’s daily operations and that the data is safely migrated to the new instance. During the entire migration, one of the most important aspects was the transfer of custom plugins and applications, the number of which was quite large.


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Project management in banking

Jira and Confluence Data Center are project management tools used to track software development progress, monitor key decisions, and perform various other activities. Numerous companies from various industries, such as insurance, IT, or banks, utilize them. Migrating the applications to the Data Center model enabled working with multiple nodes, allowing for upgrades without downtime and service activities with no impact on users’ work.

Due to the specific nature of the industry, cooperation with the bank was subject to numerous legal and administrative requirements that Deviniti had to meet. All of this was done to ensure the highest level of security for sensitive data at every stage of collaboration and the migration itself.


Data security

During the technical phase, our experts suggested a multiple-node solution, which turned out to be a bullseye. Thanks to it, the bank can make changes on the server without the risk of data loss or service interruptions. Additionally, migrating applications to the Data Center model allowed for upgrades without downtime and service work without impacting users. New features in the Data Center version, such as project and issue archiving with Advanced Roadmaps, proved to be useful.

Furthermore, by migrating to the Data Center model, Credit Agricole gained access to the latest updates related to application security and functionality. This enables the bank to provide its customers with the highest level of security and modern solutions, which is a significant advantage in the dynamically changing financial environment.

Internal CA network → Load balancer (Netscaller) →Node 1, Node 2 → Shared database (Oracle), NFS

How did we do it?

Constant cooperation

Involved Team Members from Deviniti:

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Project Manager

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Atlassian Engineer

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Involved Credit Agricole Team Members:

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Project Manager

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Java Developer

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Jira Administrator


We initiated the Data Center migration project by conducting an audit of both instances. This allowed us to accurately estimate the work and tasks involved in planning the migration. We estimated the time required for migrating both instances and planned the activities accordingly. Our choice of online communication allowed us to share progress, and refine the task schedule through video meetings.


The choice of hosting was primarily influenced by legal considerations, data localization, and regulations from the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (Komisja Nadzoru Finansowego). Storing data in its own infrastructure was the only viable option for the bank. Additionally, the bandwidth throttling feature in the Data Center version allowed us to monitor and control the speed of incoming and outgoing traffic, enhancing the security level of the instance – this is crucial in banking.

The Data Center solution employed technologies such as Docker, NetScaller, the Red Hat Linux operating system, and NFS.

Technological stack


After the audit, we decided to divide the migration work into two phases:

  1. Test migration and adaptation of plugins to the Data Center version.
  2. Production migration and post-implementation support.

Deviniti specialists conducted both stages without disrupting the bank’s operations.

How do the tools work?

Team and knowledge management

Both tools support team collaboration and can greatly improve communication and work planning. Moreover, they can be integrated to create a seamless and comprehensive task flow.

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    Collaboration and smooth task flow

    • Jira supports team collaboration within and across teams. With clear task assignments, each team member can see how their tasks contribute to the overall project completion.
    • Planning, monitoring, and reporting are everyday tasks for Project Managers. Jira consolidates the necessary information in one place, and thanks to automation, reports are generated much faster.
    • Jira is a customizable tool that can be adapted to individual preferences and work methodologies. It supports Kanban boards, Scrum, and more.

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    A knowledge base co-created by employees

    • Instructions, onboarding materials, company-wide documents – all the necessary files are gathered in one place with Confluence.
    • With Confluence, creating spaces for collaboration or team brainstorming is effortless. Multiple users can work on each file, editing its content or leaving comments. It’s also possible to add observers.
    • Workspaces in Confluence are highly flexible, allowing users to include graphics, links, tables, and code snippets.


Seamless implementation without user disruption


custom client plugins adapted to the Data Center version


minutes downtime during system maintenance – users could work continuously


minutes downtime during updates – employees could work without interruption


users successfully migrated for licensing purposes

The migration was successfully completed, transferring all user data and custom plugins to the Data Center version. It ensures continuous support and product development from Atlassian. Additionally, thanks to the expertise of Deviniti specialists, technical difficulties that often arise during implementations were overcome.


What does our client say?

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From the perspective of a Jira Administrator, especially during the weekend implementation phase, working with Deviniti proved to be significant facilitation. In short, where technical difficulties arose, they provided the necessary knowledge and expertise. As a result, many encountered problems were resolved much more efficiently, leading to the successful launch of the applications.
Adrian Kraska
Jira Administrator
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Words of thanks for the Deviniti Team for successfully implementing the Jira Data Center migration project. At every stage of the project, we received organizational and substantive support, which helped minimize any risks. We work in a banking environment that requires compliance with numerous data security regulations and proper infrastructure preparation. All of these actions were taken into account in the jointly developed schedule by the project team consisting of specialists from the Bank and Deviniti.
Gabriela Rębacz
IT Team Manager