Security thanks to comprehensive solutions based on IoT

Check how Dahua Technology took care of efficient service for customers looking for modern security systems.

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2 hours
time of problem-solving during the first call
the number of consultants
the number of solved requests

About the client 

Security systems supplier

Dahua Technology is one of the largest IoT solution and service providers related to video technology.

The company constantly adjusts its offer to the developing market, and thus, it provides comprehensive solutions systems, and services to business and individual clients.

The company has over 200 branches in China and 54 branches in Asia, North America, Europe, and Africa. Dahua Technology’s products are well-known in market sectors such as public safety, traffic, retail, banking and finance, and energy.


Improving the flow of requests

The broad product portfolio attracts customers from all over the world. Efficient contact with them is crucial for the company.

E-mail, although popular, is not an effective solution because the company handles a huge number of requests daily. Individual email accounts weren’t trackable. Unless the team leader’s e-mail address was in the CC field, no one really knew who was working on which e-mail.

The consultants spent time getting to know the case and its context. This affected the resolution time, and ultimately the client. This situation could significantly damage the company’s image.

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The main areas considered when implementing the new solution

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Unified omnichannel customer service to collect all ticket information in one place.

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Reduced first response time and the ability to solve the problem during the first contact to increase customer satisfaction.

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Knowledge base to reduce the number of repetitive inquiries.

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The ability to assign consultants to tasks to improve their resolution.


Individual tool selection

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    A comprehensive tool for customer service

    • multichannel support across many platforms,
    • automating solutions to improve work,
    • complete knowledge base,
    • consultant assignment system.

How did we do it?

Unifying the customer experience with Freshdesk

Freshdesk was a quick and accurate choice. Dahua Technology focused on efficient implementation and intuitive use.

The Freshdesk system helped unify conversations with customers, giving a comprehensive view of each ticket and its history. Now conversations are smoother and customers get needed help faster.

The next advantage is the knowledge base that freed the customer service staff from repetitive questions and solving common problems.

We took care of adapting Freshdesk to the needs of the company and the markets in which it operates. The key here was the configuration of notification allocations depending on the country. This aspect significantly improved their flow.

 Deviniti’s support

Effective implementation and training

Our experts actively supported the Dahua Technology team during the implementation and training sessions.

In addition, Deviniti, as the exclusive partner of Freshworks in Poland, allowed the purchase of a license in the Polish national currency. It helped the customer avoid additional costs when converting payments.

Deviniti - Trust


Customer service at the highest level

2 hours

time of problem-solving during the first call


the number of consultants


the number of solved requests

There were no problems with implementing the system in Poland or other parts of Central and Eastern Europe or Scandinavia. The intuitive interface and the ability to adjust the helpdesk to the needs of clients and consultants were crucial here. Both these aspects made the implementation and use of the system hassle-free.

Unification of the customer contact path lowers the average resolution time during the first contact to below 2 hours. The knowledge base allowed the consultants to save time which they can now devote to solving more complex problems.

The quality and efficiency of work have improved. And so did atmosphere – consultants work much more willingly when they know the person responsible for a specific request and the context.


What does our client say?

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Freshdesk offered a lot of flexibility and helpdesk customization which supported us a lot.
Maciej Pietrzak
Technical Manager at Dahua Technology