Case Study: How supports biotechnology company has made work easier for many companies – there are over 150,000 customers worldwide to confirm this statement. The platform allows for planning work both within and between teams. It also supports collaboration with end customers – as was the case with our client from the biotechnology industry. Due to the market in which it operates, the company deals with both individual customers (patients) and institutional ones (medical offices) on a daily basis. Let’s see how worked in such demanding conditions as biotechnology services.

What was the challenge?

The client approached us for help in organizing tasks and projects within teams. They also needed support in working with individuals and institutions. The company was building communication from scratch, so there were no established processes. It was unclear which solutions would work best. Hence, when choosing a tool, the client paid great attention to flexibility and scalability. The company was looking for a solution allowing real-time status updates during customer service. It was also important to automate the information flow between teams involved in the service. The tool’s intuitiveness and ease of use were equally significant. Key aspects for our client when choosing a tool:

  • automation and digitization of patient registration and qualification processes,
  • support in creating effective team processes,
  • bringing together many processes in one tool,
  • notification automation about changes in the process.

Why is a user-friendly and transparent platform that streamlines task division within teams. It can be quickly and efficiently adjusted to the company, teams, and even individual users’ requirements. The user can easily modify the boards’ content to suit current needs. Adding, deleting, or filtering columns, editing, and personalizing components and views are just some of the possibilities that offers.

moving items across board

What does the platform offer to our client?

  • Efficient internal communication.
  • Fast and clear task division.
  • Use of templates in the client qualification process.
  • Automation of notifications.

Tool implementation – step by step

Efficiency and accuracy are key in our client’s experts’ daily work. During implementation, features such as forms (and the ability to customize them), automations, and integrations were used. The client was interested in clear task division among employees and responsibility within the team. Therefore, the platform view was tailored to the team for intuitiveness.

The applied automations have streamlined the process of qualifying and registering patients as well as communication between teams. Integration with the mailbox supported this channel. Thanks to this, serves as a CRM, and the client ensures communication continuity. The platform was also integrated with the website. It shortened the customer journey and reduced the number of people involved in the registration process.

Deviniti’s role

The cooperation began with a discussion of the client’s needs. When our specialists knew what the company was looking for, they were ready to act. Deviniti purchased the tool for the client and provided training on its use. Implementation activities were supported by a joint analysis of processes to fully meet the client’s needs. In order to streamline processes as much as possible, they were studied on an ongoing basis. The team adjusted the tool to meet the requirements of the company and the market.

How improved our client’s work

Reflecting the process in one tool and saving time – these were the main tasks of The mission has been accomplished. The patient qualification and registration system has been simplified and then moved to one platform. Personalized templates and integration with the website and mailbox work perfectly.

With, the team responsible for customer service gathers the most important information in one place. They know at what stage of qualification a particular client is, as well as who is handling them. This allows for avoiding misunderstandings and duplicating work by individual team members.

Streamline work management in your company!

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