How to improve the customer journey using digital tools

Regardless of what product or service we sell, in every industry it is important to analyze the journey of our future customers. The key points where the customers come across our product are often a decisive factor in whether we complete a deal or not. Identification of digital touchpoints is the most important factor to turn our guests into paying customers. In this article, we will show you how to take care of your potential clients on three stages of their customer journey using just one tool.

What are your key digital touchpoints?

In the face of the multitude of digital and traditional routes that lead our business to a potential customer, it’s easy to get lost. It is difficult to determine which areas are the most important, and which absolutely cannot and should not be neglected. To put it simply – they’re just all of the points where we can start or improve our business relationship with a client or user. Here’s an example.

Brand awareness: PR, radio / TV, online advertising; Purchase Consideration: User Reviews, Email, Social Networking Ads, Blog, Media, Mailing Campaigns; Purchase: website, customer center, store, online store; Building relationships: blog, newsletter, loyalty program, FAQ, knowledge base, community; Brand support: social media, word of mouth marketing.

After searching through lots of articles and sales reports we found a number of classifications of the most important touchpoints for every industry. But! A few of them were in every list, every report. These 5 points not only appeared more often but most importantly, are the true foundations of each customer journey. The shortlist of the most important digital touchpoints includes:

  • a website
  • mailing
  • social media
  • real-time chat
  • contact forms

It is hard, or even almost impossible, to find one single tool that will enable us to address all those five stages of our customers journey. But we don’t need 5 different tools. We don’t need to worry about data synchronization, employing more specialists, etc. We can find tools that will let us address more than just one touchpoint, but also we can find set of well-integrated tools that act like one tool. Set of products, that allows us to touch 3 spaces during our customer journey is Freshworks software. Those touchpoints are contact forms, real-time chat and mailing.

How to ease the first contact using contact forms

We come to the moment when the customer already knows the brand and is aware of our offer and wants to contact us. Here we should ask ourselves, how can we make it easier for them. Freshworks CRM comes with the help again with the option of creating contact forms. It is a good idea to put such a form on our website. It can be a simple form where the customer leaves contact details and then our consultants take the lead. Freshworks also allows us to create a more complex form that will help us determine the real needs of the client thanks to specific, more detailed questions number, industry. The questions might be open or closed – it’s up to us and depends on our needs. Thanks to this, our consultants will be able to present a pre-prepared tailored offer.

How to respond quickly with real-time chat

Nowadays, customers are more and more demanding and used to the fact that almost all information is obtained with just one click. How many times have you been waiting and wasting your precious time while trying to reach the help desk via phone? Or maybe you were scrolling for the long knowledge base while looking for the solution for a trivial question like return conditions?

Think about those clients and how much money you lost, simply because they couldn’t find certain information on your website. What if they can ask the question and get an automatic response with a precise solution for their problem? It takes just a few seconds and let them avoid meaningless scrolling through your website.

Screenshot of the Freshchat FAQ in a mobile app.

Freshchat allows us to provide our potential clients with a quick response thanks to the built-in chat. The customer can quickly get all the needed information, without unnecessarily wasting time on tedious waiting. Moreover, real-time chat does not require consultants to work 24 hours a day – we can simply set some automated replies for the most common questions, such as use cases, terms of the guarantee, or payment options. We can also set up keywords that will automatically trigger whatever response we want.

How to create customized emails

Thanks to mailing campaigns, we can bring the attention of our client, but also we can track user behavior and adjust future messages to them. Do you need help with mass mailings, tracking habits, and identifying potential customers? Personalized emails based on the user actions will lead you straight to success. Freshworks CRM allows us to automate this process a little bit, e.g. by real-time notifications about message openings, analyzing recipient behavior and bounce rate, and by automating other repetitive actions. Knowledge about those metrics helps us to adjust our content and make it more customized, which will bring customer experience to the higher level and increase our sales potential.

Screenshot of the customer profile in Freshworks CRM.

One tool to conquer them all?

In this article, we showed you how to take care of 3 touchpoints on our customer journey. It is possible using one set of tools by Freshworks, but is it enough? We need to remember that customer journey means not only mailing, contact forms, and chat. Ignoring other touchpoints isn’t a good idea, because this way we’ll lose our potential clients. Before choosing the tool, we should learn about our customer journey and find out which touchpoints need our attention the most. 

Your possibilities are not limited to those 3 tools listed above. Freshworks provides you also with tools for support and service. Learn how to take your customer experience to a higher level and get more information about Freshworks tools on our website.

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