NeoLegal – software for legal departments

Managing court cases is an essential area of legal ​​businesses. Can this process be improved? What can we do to optimize our work in this area? Which system should we use to comply with GDPR requirements? The answer is neoLegal – Legal Case Management class software that comprehensively supports the management of the court cases registry at every company.

Software designed for businesses aims to automate processes and help in tedious and time-consuming activities that may cause burnout even among the most motivated employees. Such solutions also help to eliminate costly mistakes that are not only financially perceptible but also have a significant impact on the company’s reputation.

A legal service management system

With digital transformation touching organizations in every industry, it’s only natural that this type of IT support also includes lawyers. The legal sector processes massive amounts of data which is connected to continually changing regulations. On top of that, companies in this sector face typical problems of contemporary businesses.

IT systems for managing legal services don’t have a special place in the legal education process at the moment, but they play an essential role in the daily work of lawyers. It’s doesn’t make sense to be afraid of technological innovations that offer excellent response to new market challenges and growing customer requirements. In addition to law offices and legal departments, our legal service management system is also used by debt collection departments, corporations, and insurance companies.

Despite the conservative approach, the legal sector is subject to the same laws as other business organizations. Three aspects are crucial here: planning, organization, and control. Currently, the use of information systems is a standard among modern organizations. To ensure the highest quality of services provided, our system was created on the basis of advice from legal advisors.

The goal is clear – the solution is all about reducing the time of administrative activities so lawyers can focus on the substantive activities for which they were hired.

Our IT system can successfully support many areas:

Directory of entities and a database of contacts
The benefits of supporting software don’t require an explanation. Just reach for your own phone to understand that without an electronic address book, dialing a number would become slow and inefficient.

Registration of court cases for various types of proceedings: civil, criminal, administrative, etc. Lawsuits are like projects that should have their beginning, end, and a set course. The number of open cases and their stages of advancement is crucial information for people managing the law firm or the legal department in the company. Thanks to neoLegal, users gain precise control and the ability to monitor the status of an ongoing case.

 A screenshot of the Cases tab in neoLegal

Registration of court cases in the Deviniti solution

Optimization of work and elimination of chaos – the neoLegal system minimizes the risk of human-made mistakes and errors, streamlines the flow of documents, and reminds users about unread correspondence and important deadlines.

Secure processing of customer data following the new regulations of the GDPR and the possibility of data anonymization. The system also ensures security when it is necessary to grant access to external entities involved in the case.

Support for court judgments and flexible way to manage case records.

The system allows registering case details and implementing the judgment, support for reviewing appeals, as well as functions for linking cases to tasks, activities, and deadlines. It also helps in the generation of letters based on templates and case data, as well as the registration of incoming documentation. Another practical functionality is sending lawsuits and notification of feedback receipt from the court.

Finance and reports

The finance module aimed at optimizing risk and effective planning and management of the budget allocated for handling cases, registration of working time in tasks and activities, invoice settlement, reserves servicing, and recording of additional costs. The neoLegal system also allows users to create statistics and reports according to selected parameters easily.

A screenshot of the Reports tab in neoLegal

Report generator in neoLegal software

Other useful features of neoLegal software

Our software offers more other interesting features and improvements. What other benefits you can get by using neoLegal system?  You can find out in next parts of this article. In case of other additional questions – feel free to contact our consultants. 

Izabela Szydłowska

Currently the Head of Operations in Deviniti Sp. z o.o., while managing projects in the area of ​​Legal & Compliance whose aim is the creation and implementation of advanced IT solutions for mid-sized and large enterprises from the finance, banking, and insurance sectors. A graduate of the Faculty of European Law at the School of Law and Administration, she also completed post-graduate studies in the field of labor resources management at the SGH Warsaw School of Economics.

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