Case Study: how Freshdesk supports Logistics and HR departments

Freshdesk is a platform that facilitates customer collaboration in various industries. It helps with multichannel communication, streamlines information flow within teams, and aids in efficient customer support by highly qualified agents in specific areas. It is also a suitable tool for departments without direct customer contact, such as Logistics or HR. Deviniti specialists implemented Freshdesk in these departments belonging to one of the largest retail chains of construction and renovation stores in Poland. The company employs over 10,000 people in Poland.

What was the challenge?

The retail chain has stores in many Polish cities. Each of them faced local logistics management challenges, such as delivery discrepancies and breakdowns. They also encountered issues with price administration, product quality, inventory, planograms, permission management, and incident reporting. Difficulties arose in accessing systems and handling custom furniture orders, affecting the quality of customer service. Multiple employees were involved in this process in each department, but communication between the store and the headquarters was uncoordinated, slowing down results. Additionally, employees lacked the ability to monitor case statuses, which makes it difficult to plan the next steps. The logistics department is also responsible for collaborating with external companies in case of breakdown recovery and servicing. In this area, due to, among others, the use of numerous tools which were causing communication difficulties

Another department where improvements were needed was HR – communication between employees and the central HR department. Upgrades covered streamlining onboarding and offboarding processes, managing employee relocations, and other HR-related tasks of the network’s branches. There was also a need to standardize communication channels between stores and the Centralized HR Unit.

Why Freshdesk?

Before implementing Freshdesk, the teams used multiple solutions (e-mails, phones). There was lack of a centralized platform for employee communication with the network’s main headquarters persisted. Freshdesk streamlined the information flow in two independent departments while maintaining the necessary process separation for data confidentiality. Additionally, the tool allowed employees to efficiently report incidents and process parameters. The ticketing system with a central knowledge base containing instructions and procedures, presented with permission sets, was also very useful.

Freshdesk is an intuitive platform

It supports team cooperation and improves customer contact

One of the notable advantages of the implemented Freshdesk platform, which is frequently mentioned by users, is its easy and user-friendly interface for both ticket submitters and agents handling cases. Separate case categorizations for each department and advanced configuration of roles and permissions for employees greatly facilitate work management.

What does the platform offer to our customer?

  • A dedicated support ticketing system with a knowledge base for all employees.
  • Separate case categorization for each department.
  • Advanced configuration of roles and permissions.
  • Reporting of process parameters and all incidents.
  • User-friendly interface for ticket submitters and agents handling cases.
  • A secure cloud-based system with data centers in Europe.
Which Freshdesk features are suitable for the Logistics and HR departments?

Sets of dependent fields for handling and storing important information about tickets are also essential for automating assigning tickets to the appropriate teams and dedicated specialists. 
2FA – increased access security, which will be extended by integration with the company's SSO (Single Sign-On) system
The knowledge base is divided into articles accessible only to selected employees
The Freshdesk app for agent ticket management is available through a web browser and as a mobile application on Android and iOS

Deviniti’s role

During a collaborative analysis, the Deviniti team, in agreement with the client, proposed the implementation of the Freshdesk platform as the central handling system of all branches-related requests. Our experts also suggested creating a dedicated team – it reduced the number of individuals involved in managing the tool. This approach allowed for standardizing processes related to handling various types of requests and enabled monitoring the status of each case. Additionally, agents receive automatic notifications about new requests or when the allocated time for handling a request is exceeded. If needed, there is also the possibility to reassign cases. Consolidating all requests from the entire network into one platform enables monitoring, analysis, and obtaining current statistics across the entire organization. Our team was responsible for:

  • Selecting the tool for request management.
  • Negotiating a favorable offer from the manufacturer and purchasing licenses, along with ongoing license support.
  • Configuring requests and processes in the tool.
  • Automating the allocation of requests to appropriate teams and employees based on the type of case.
  • Providing training for the project team at the central office. It covers configuration and guiding through the process of handling requests from both the requester’s and agent’s perspectives.

Collaboration with Deviniti also involves ongoing administrative support for Freshdesk. Our experts act as first-line user support and communicate with the manufacturer when needed. Moreover, our specialists constantly consult on proposals for optimizing the use of the system

What have we achieved?

The main challenge for the client was the information flow between the headquarters and stores dispersed throughout the country. Before implementing the tool to handle these processes, a large number of employees from both the branches and the central office were involved. After Freshdesk implementation, all requests are handled on one platform, significantly streamlining the flow of information. Tickets are categorized, and employees can see the stage of each request and which team member is involved.

Currently, only the dedicated team is associated with request handling. This not only improved communication but also increased the speed of resolving cases. Within a month, the chain of stores can handle up to 6,000 cases, resulting in a total of 72,000 requests annually.

quote: For our team, this collaboration was one of the most efficiently executed projects due to the client's determined team, who knew what they wanted and were open to all ideas.
Radosław Kosiec, Partner Product Director

Looking for support in ticketing management?

Freshdesk tool is useful for various teams. Its primary goal is to enhance the quality of end-customer service. It also provides significant support in terms of internal communication between teams, improving the efficiency of information flow. Moreover, integrating this platform with other external tools and the Freshworks ecosystem is quick and straightforward.

If you also need to efficiently resolve thousands of customer cases each month, contact our specialist.

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